Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Kindle Case

Earlier this year Phil surprised me with a Kindle which was such a wonderful surprise and I have loved reading on it ever since!  After I was using it for a few weeks I began to worry about scratching the face of it and thinking about what sort of case/cover I should get for it.  Then I I began to price the cases I was completely annoyed at the expense of these cases.

$24.99 and it's just a piece of Neoprene

Okay so this one has a light but $49.99 seriously!
And the rest of the cases are just ugly so I figured I should make my own.  I saw some creative and cute ones on Pinterest so I figured I could come up with something I liked on my own.

See lots of ideas!

I found some fabric the other day at Hancock Fabrics that I thought was so cute so I found a few coordinating fabrics and a cute button to boot and for a grand total of $4.00 I had the materials to make my case. (Of course I already had the lining material and the thread)

Anyway I did a little sketching out my plan and mostly a lot of thinking... sewing can be really confusing especially if you are a beginner like me.  I had to really think which parts should be attached where and when and right or wrong sides together... I made my brain hurt but I only had to take out one line of stitching so I consider it a success.

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