Monday, December 5, 2011

New Music shout out!

I have been feeling the need to share with everyone some of the new music I have been listening to.  My new favorite site is

This site has tons of indie artists that release singles or albums for FREE! And you can tip the artist you like, which I must admit I haven't done but I hope to support my faves through going to shows and future album purchases. The these guys ain't playin' - they ROCK.

A lot of what you would individually like is of course based on your specific taste for music.  My particular style pretty much always leans toward folk, country and acoustic.

These guys are pretty much my favs right now.  They aren't actually still on Noisetrade but they are on itunes and amazon.Their Site  They are coming to Dallas in February 1, 2010, The Cambridge Room - House of Blues.  I so want to go. Who wants to go with me?  Tickets are $10 in Advance $12 at the door!

Love this band! Green River Ordinance

This guy has a GREAT song with Katie Herzig. Andrew Belle

She is so fun to listen to and her song Candy in the Summertime make me so happy.

I like this guys sound.  For whatever reason I think he is a cocky jerk... I think it's mostly his song Yes Man ... not sure why his music comes across that way but I still like it...   :-/ I'm weird I know.  Marc Broussard ... hope he doesn't read this, that wouldn't be very nice.

And since I have been on a Christmas roll the past couple of posts I figured I better add a good Christmas album recommendation.  This group is fun.  A couple of their songs I don't particularly want to listen to all the time but they do a great job with the oldie but goodies.

Well I hope you enjoy and maybe find a few new and fun artists to listen to.

Happy Monday.

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