Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like....

Christmas came early to me this year!  We found a fireplace at Costco that I just had to have!  I'm so excited about it!  Yes, it's electric, yes it puts out some heat sort of like a space heater.  Mostly it is a warm ambiance but I think it is a great addition to our house.  And since you just plug it in it can move to any room as long as you have some strong people to help out.

As promised the making of the fireplace!

We enlisted a worker!

So Chad made the fireplace. 
Phil supervised.
The "fire" part
Then we decided Phil should be Santa.
Getting Ready! 
Get Set. 
And the dismount.
Not so easy. 
He almost died.

All set up!  My boys are enjoying it.

And the result! 


previously posted...

Christmas around our house.  We have the lights up outside.  We have plans to expand the lighting to other trees in our yard but for this year we will keep it simple. I love having the lights on, it just seems so cheery!


  1. Are you enjoying the fireplace?? We would love to have something like that! Was it worth the $ and do you like the look?

  2. Yup I love the fireplace! It doesn't put out heat like I thought it might... but you can stand by it for a little warm up. I do love the look of it, it adds such a nice ambiance to the room. I have been wanting a fireplace for so long but I didn't want a modern on the wall one and this one was super sturdy and more "real" looking with all the stone that I do think it was worth the $$$. I also like that I can take it with me when we move. If we get a house with a real fireplace then maybe it could go in an office or the master! If you want to come over and check it out one day just let me know. :)

  3. thanks for the review Constance! I may just have to come over and lay my eyes on this lil sucker!